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Great swag ideas to promote your brands

Great swag ideas to promote your brands

promote your brands

Do you usually keep your "swag" when you return home from a business trip, such as branded t-shirts and USB sticks or coffee mugs and Frisbees notes with corporate logos, or do you just throw them away?

By definition, "swag" refers to freebies that businesses distribute to advertise their businesses, goods, and brands. In addition to providing swag in large quantities to attendees of conferences and corporate events, some businesses also use it to promote their brands to potential customers. No swag is created equally, which is undoubtedly true, but your corporate promotional items don't have to be uninteresting...

Paper products

Think of office-related swag items like branded Post-It notes, pens, and Moleskine notebooks as practical ways to advertise your company to other businesses that might use them. Paper-based products, such as Moleskine notebooks, provide a promotional item that can be purchased in bulk in brand colors and then customized with a logo. Hand them out at conferences, and chances are attendees will use them and take them home.

Water bottles

Being busy at a business conference can really make you thirsty. Reusable water bottles are prized and promoted as conference swag items as a result. They make it easy to rehydrate while on the go and help people remember your company long after the conference.

Universal chargers

Everyone and I mean everyone, brings a smartphone or tablet to business meetings. They use them throughout the day. So imagine how exciting it would be if someone offered you a universal charger as swag just as your battery was running low. Furthermore, chances are that chargers will be reused and your logo will be seen by them long after the conference is over.


From coffee bean bags to company-branded candy, feeding people is a great way to get attention. People generally like people who offer them tasty snacks, and in the middle of a busy business conference, offering branded food as swag will be well received. So, when it comes to snacking, think big and choose popular snacks that don't cause food allergies.

Branding clothing

T-shirts, mittens, scarves, socks, and sweatshirts are all available. Even if they don't know who you are or what you do, they all provide a blank canvas for your cool logo design and company slogan. If you give away t-shirts as swag, your logo is likely to be seen in a variety of settings, including cities, outside of the actual business or promotional event.