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Carvana vs CarMax vs Vroom Which Online Car-Buying Site Is Right for You?

Carvana vs CarMax vs Vroom Which Online Car-Buying Site Is Right for You?

Carvana vs CarMax vs Vroom

A no-frills dealer can take the stress out of buying a used car. By removing negotiation from the equation, online car-buying sites such as Carvana, CarMax, and Vroom, offer a hassle-free experience that lets you buy a car from the comfort of your own home. There are many similarities between these online dealers, but there are also some important differences. In a Carvana vs Vroom matchup, how do you know which one is best for you?

Carvana vs. CarMax vs. Vroom
  Carvana CarMax Vroom
Pricing  //
Haggle-free pricing 

Average vehicle prices range from $14,844 to $134,000.

APR: Starting at 6.85%
Terms: 36 to 72 months
APR: Starting at 4.00% Terms: 36 to 72 months
Does not offer direct financing. Acts as a loan broker, connecting buyers with partner lenders, such as Chase or Ally Bank.
Fees // Delivery fees vary based on the vehicle’s distance from the buyer //
Test drive? No 24-hour test drive NO
Return policy 7 days,  (up to 400 miles) 30 days, (up to 1500 miles) 7 days, or 250 miles
Limited warranty 100 days, or 4,189 miles 90 days, or 4,000 miles 90 days, or 6,000 miles
Accepts trade-ins and buys cars? Yes, and offers a pickup service Yes, and offers drop-off service at any CarMax location Yes, and offers a pickup service

Carvana vs Vroom

Buyers will notice many similarities between Carvana and Vroom. Both online car sellers make it easy to buy a car without leaving your home. Carvana and Vroom can deliver your car to your location, and offer a seven-day money-back guarantee if the car doesn't meet your expectations.

But there are some minor differences between the two dealers. Before selling a vehicle, Vroom ensures that the title is clear and there are no reports of accidents or damage. Vroom also performs additional safety and mechanical checks and offers a free Carfax report. Carvana also ensures that the vehicle has a clean title and no reports of accidents or damage, but this dealer goes even further. With its 150-point inspection protocol, Carvana takes a close look at the car, from Bluetooth compatibility to paint quality.

Vroom charges a delivery fee for the car based on the distance between your location and the car. Delivery fees are disclosed when you select a vehicle and are non-refundable. Meanwhile, Carvana will deliver the car to your home for free if you live within one of its local markets.

Both dealers make it easy to return your car within seven days. With Carvana, you can drive up to 400 miles during the warranty period, while Vroom only allows 250 miles. It is worth noting that Vroom has an 'F' grade with the Consumer Alert and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and has received a large number of consumer complaints in recent years.

Selling a car to Carvana vs Vroom.

Vroom and Carvana make selling a car easy for you. After you share details about your vehicle, both online car-selling sites send you an offer in about two minutes. The price is good for seven days, and you have no obligation to sell. Carvana and Vroom's offers are not interchangeable, so they won't be matched if you find a better price elsewhere.

Carvana and Vroom differ in where they buy cars and how quickly sellers get paid. Even if you don't buy a car through Vroom, it will buy your car and pick it up anywhere in the continental US for free. Once your vehicle is picked up, Vroom will send you a check via overnight mail within two to three business days. With Carvana, on the other hand, you can sell your car if you live in it or have your car delivered to one of its local markets. Sellers are paid immediately. Carvana performs a physical check on you when it takes delivery of your car.

CarMax vs. competitors

With more than 240 stores nationwide, CarMax is one of the largest used car retailers in America. Even with their generous seven-day return policies, Carvana and Vroom require you to buy the car before you drive it. Alternatively, CarMax allows you to drive the car for 24 hours before making a purchase decision. Even after buying a vehicle, CarMax has a 30-day return policy if you change your mind.

Carvana and Vroom offer more delivery and pickup options for shoppers than CarMax. CarMax can deliver your car to your location if it is within 60 miles of their store. But delivery services are not offered in every CarMax store, so you may have to visit a dealer to pick up your car.

Selling a car to CarMax

CarMax makes selling your car easy. Just answer a few questions online and get your offer in minutes. Your offer is good for 7 days, and you have no obligation to sell your car. To redeem the offer online, you must bring your vehicle to a CarMax store. After your information is verified, CarMax will issue you a check. While Carvana and Vroom usually pick up your vehicle, CarMax does not offer this service. When selling your car you should go to a dealer.

Is online car buying right for you?

For many buyers, the thought of haggling over used car prices is the stuff of nightmares. Buyers who prefer a low-stress car buying experience may find online car buying sites like  Carvana, CarMax, and Vroom suitable. Haggle-free pricing and a straightforward online experience can make buying fun, too. Or at least, painless.

There are some downsides to this hassle-free experience. When you can't negotiate the price, you could end up paying more for the car than you need to. Even if you've shopped around and found a lower price elsewhere, online car sites like Carvana, CarMax, and 
Vroom,  won't match it. Learning how to negotiate during the car-buying process can give you the confidence you need to buy the right car at the best price.

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