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auto insurance quotes - How to get car insurance quotes

Auto Insurance Quotes - How to Compare Prices and Shop Online

auto insurance quotes

free online auto insurance quotes. Find out how to obtain quotes for auto insurance, what they are, and how to save.

Key takeaways

  • Auto insurance quotes provide an estimate of how much you will pay for an auto policy.

  • Auto insurance quotes are personal to you and are based on a number of factors such as your car and model, your location, Your age, and your driving history.

  • You can get a free online car insurance quote by visiting an independent agent, online car insurance comparison tools, or the insurer's website.

One of the best ways to find cheap auto insurance quotes online is to compare quotes from several companies nearby. You can use the NerdWallet online car insurance comparison tool to find quotes from multiple companies in minutes.

If you have questions about car insurance rates, It's important to get an answer before you start shopping. Here's everything you need to know, from what auto insurance quotes are to how to get the cheapest.

What are auto insurance quotes for car insurance?

An auto insurance quotes is a projection of the cost of the policy. Even if you give the same information to Geico, Progressive, or another company, you won't get the same price because each insurer uses a different formula to determine the cost of auto insurance. You have a better chance of locating the most affordable car insurance company the more auto insurance quotes you obtain.

How is an auto insurance quote calculated?

Your auto insurance quote is impacted by a number of variables, which vary from company to company. For instance, if you live in a high-crime area, one insurance company might increase your rates by 10%, whereas another insurer might only do so by 5%. While both companies consider the level of crime in your neighborhood, they arrive at their estimates of your insurance risk in different ways.

An auto insurance quote is impacted by the following factors:

personal characteristicsYour quote will be influenced by personal factors like your age, gender, marital status, and level of education. This is so that insurers can determine how likely a person is to crash by using statistics about specific demographics. For instance, because they are more likely than almost any other age group to be involved in a car accident, teen drivers typically pay higher insurance premiums.

Your car insurance coverage

Your car insurance premium may differ depending on the coverage you select. Unsurprisingly, your quote will be higher the more coverage you require. In fact, according to NerdWallet's research, "full coverage" auto insurance typically costs more than double the price of minimal coverage.

Your driving history

Your driving history, including a history of accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs, will increase your car insurance rates. The same is true if you do not yet have a driving record. To get the best rate, you'll need a long driving history with no recent traffic violations.

Details about your vehicle

Details about your vehicle, Your car makes, and model, and whether or not it has safety equipment or GPS systems are all factors that affect your car insurance quote. Why? Repairing expensive features and luxury cars after an accident is more expensive. They become a liability for insurers because they are also more likely to be stolen.

Location has significant impact

The location has a significant impact on the cost of your insurance. The minimum level of insurance coverage needed to legally operate a vehicle varies by state. As a result, the typical rates for comparable policies vary greatly. The cost of your insurance is also influenced by other geographical factors. Insurers take into account crash rates, crime rates, and population density in your neighborhood.


Your credit-based insurance score, which is similar but not identical to your credit score, can influence the cost of your auto insurance. Drivers with low insurance scores, according to the Insurance Information Institute, are more likely to file claims, which can be costly for an insurer. Furthermore, insurance companies may make the assumption that there is a link between how well a person manages their finances and how well they drive and maintain a vehicle. However, if you live in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, or Michigan, you're in luck. Credit scores are not legally allowed to be considered by insurers when calculating your car insurance quote.


Your auto insurance history is an important factor in determining your auto insurance quote, which includes:

  • Whether or not your car insurance has expired. Drivers with lapsed insurance, even if they do not own a car, may be classified as high-risk. Non-owner auto insurance can help customers avoid coverage gaps.

  • Claims for insurance. A recent at-fault accident will typically raise car insurance rates by 50% or more for a full coverage policy. Look for policies that include accident forgiveness to help prevent a significant increase.

  • How long have you been with your previous insurer? Many businesses provide a loyalty discount. However, staying with the same company without shopping around has drawbacks. Some insurers use data algorithms to determine whether a loyal customer will shop around for better rates. If they believe you will not shop around, they may raise your rates. This is known as price optimization.

  • Your previous insurance provider. According to Consumer Federation of America research, if your previous insurer was a nonstandard company that insures high-risk drivers, your new insurer may charge you more.

How to get car insurance quotes

There are several methods for obtaining free auto insurance quotes:

Online or over-the-phone quotes

One of the simplest ways to shop for car insurance is to get free auto insurance quotes online. Most companies, such as State Farm and Allstate, provide free quotes, allowing you to begin online but then assigning you to a captive agent who will finalize your quote over the phone.

Buying car insurance "direct" from the insurer means purchasing a policy online (or over the phone).

Purchasing insurance without the assistance of an agent gives you more freedom to adjust coverages and compare auto insurance quotes. However, drawbacks such as follow-up calls and emails may exist. Furthermore, websites frequently provide less information than an agent who can answer questions in person.

Captive insurance agents

A captive agent could also provide you with a free car insurance quote. These individuals are employed by a single insurance company, such as Allstate, Farmers Insurance, or State Farm.

Any agent's job is to assist you in determining which policy is best for you and to provide a car insurance quote. In exchange, he or she receives a commission — or a percentage of your premium — when you purchase a policy. A captive agent, unlike other agents, may be paid by the company for which they work.

If your insurance requirements are relatively complex, such as if you have multiple cars or require multiple types of policies, you may want to work with a captive agent who can help you navigate your unique situation. However, because captive agents are only allowed to sell from one company, they may be motivated to upsell in order to earn a higher commission.

Independent insurance brokers and agents

If you want to discuss your car insurance options but avoid committing to one company, getting an auto insurance quote from an independent broker or agent may be a good option.

Independent agents and brokers work with a variety of insurers and can provide a variety of options and policies. Independent agents sell policies for major insurance companies such as Travelers and Progressive, as well as smaller companies. Because independent agents are paid on commission, they may strive to provide you with the best possible customer service or, on the other hand, steer you toward more expensive policies.

Independent brokers are distinguished from independent agents by the fact that they charge a broker's fee and are required to disclose commission rates to customers. Because of this transparency, you will know exactly how much the broker earns from your business.

Auto insurance Comparison websites

Consider using a comparison website if you want to get free quotes from multiple companies online. NerdWallet, for example, has an auto insurance comparison tool that connects you with multiple insurers so you can easily compare prices and find the best deal. If you know what kind of coverage you want and want to shop around quickly, this method could work for you.

Specialty agencies

Drivers with a history of DUIs, speeding tickets, or multiple accidents may require the services of a nonstandard insurance company that specializes in policies for high-risk drivers. Many local and national organizations exist solely to serve this clientele. They find car insurance quotes from companies that are willing to cover people with bad driving records.

What information is required to obtain a free auto insurance quote?

When looking for auto insurance quotes, make sure you have all of the necessary information and understand how your final premium is calculated. This includes the following:

  • Name, address, occupation, and birthdate are all required.
  • Your current auto insurance provider, if you have one.
  • Driver's license information for policyholders.
  • Annual and current mileage on your vehicle, as well as how frequently and why you drive (such as for commuting to work or pleasure ).
  • Vehicle information, such as whether you own or lease your vehicle, its VIN, and any safety features.
  • All drivers on the policy have a five-year driving history, including tickets, accidents, and other violations. Keep in mind that any company you choose will check your driving record before issuing a policy, so it's best, to be honest in order to get an accurate car insurance quote.
  • How much protection do you require? If you already have a policy, the declarations page shows you what coverage you have. You can use this as a guide.

What should the cost of my car insurance be?

We can't predict the exact auto insurance quote you'll receive because it depends on your car, location, and driving record, among other factors. However, our analyses determined these averages.

The average cost of auto insurance for a 35-year-old driver

Driver profile Full coverage Minimum coverage
Good driver, good credit $1,630 $561
Good driver, poor credit $2,792 $973
One at-fault accident, good credit $2,462 $862
One speeding ticket, good credit $2,043 $710
Recent DUI, good credit $3,139 $1,134

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