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Simple Rice Recipe

Simple Rice Recipe

Simple Rice Recipe In Urdu ( English )

Simple Rice Recipe

Ingredients for Simple Rice Recipe

  • 1kg of rice
  • 1 and a half litter of water
  • Salt as needed
  • Oil as required


Put water in a pot and put it on fire. Then wash the rice with water two or three times and soak it in water. When the water on the heat starts to boil, add a little ghee, and salt as required, mix and add rice. After a while, keep stirring the rice with a spoon. When the rice is cooked in three parts, squeeze all the water and mix the rice with a spoon, sprinkle a little ghee on them and simmer over low heat. Remove from the heat after eight to ten minutes. Serve Simple Rice with curry, lentils, sauce, or salad.

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