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recipe from chile - Completo - zia cake

recipe from chile - Completo

recipe from chile

What Is a Completo?

A completo is a Chilean hot dog, and it's pretty simple to make. All you need is a hot dog, some avocado, tomatoes, and a mayo-mustard sauce.

First, cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Then, dice the avocado and set it aside. Next, dice the tomatoes and set them aside as well. And finally, mix together some mayo and mustard to make the sauce.

To assemble the hot dog, start by heating it up in the microwave or on the stovetop. Then, put it in a bun and add some avocado, tomatoes, and sauce. Voilà - you've just made a delicious completo!

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The Different Types of Completo

When it comes to Chilean hot dogs, there are two main varieties: the completo and the choripan.

The completo is a hot dog that's topped with avocado, tomato, mayo, and a fried egg. It's a bit like a breakfast burrito, except it's served as a hot dog.

The choripan is a hot dog that's topped with chorizo and chimichurri sauce. It's a bit more spicy than the completo, and it's my personal favorite.

Why the Completo Is So Popular in Chile

You're probably wondering why the Completo is so popular in Chile. And we're glad you asked!

There are a few reasons, actually. For starters, the Completo is a pretty filling meal. It's not your average hot dog—it's got all the toppings, from onions and avocado to mayo and ketchup. Plus, it's easy to customize to your liking, which is something Chileans love.

Another reason is that the Completo is affordable and easy to find. You can buy them at most street vendors, and they're a cheap meal option for busy students or workers on the go.

Finally, the Completo just tastes darn good. It's a perfect blend of salty, sweet, and savory, and it's always satisfying. So next time you're in Chile, be sure to try a Completo!

The Best Places to Eat a Completo in Chile

So, you're in Chile and you're looking for a good hot dog. Well, we're here to help. The best place to eat a completo is definitely at a street cart. But not just any street cart—you want to find one that's run by a chileno.

Chileans know their hot dogs, and they know how to make them the right way. They'll add all the toppings you could possibly want, from avocado to sauerkraut, and then they'll drizzle it with the perfect sauce.

So where should you go to find a good chileno-style hot dog? Here are a few of our favorite spots:

1. Mercado Central in Santiago

2. Puente Alto near Santiago

3. Viña del Mar on the coast

Completo - Chilean Hot Dog Recipe

Completos are Chilean style hot dogs that are so good you will never eat them the old way again!

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 20 mins


Ingredients for Chilean Hot Dog Recipe

  • - 4 Hot dogs
  • - 1 Tomato, diced
  • - 1 Avocado, mashed
  • - 0.5 Onion, diced
  • - Ketchup
  • - Mustard
  • - 4 Bakery Style Buns

Instructions for Chilean Hot Dog

1. Cook the hot dogs by grilling them on the BBQ or boiling them in water.

2. Place the cooked hot dog in the bun and Put diced onions and tomatoes on top of the hot dog

3. Cover the onions and tomatoes with mashed avocado

4. Add mustard and ketchup on top of the avocado

Tips for Eating a Completo

When you're eating a completo, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to get a good mix of toppings on your dog. You'll want some avocado, tomato, and onion in there.

Second, don't be afraid to add some ketchup or mustard. They're both essential completo toppings.

Third, don't forget to add a little mayo. It'll help bring all the flavors together and give your dog that signature completo taste.



Hey! You like hot dogs, right? Well, have we got a recipe for you!

This is a classic Chilean hot dog, also known as a completo. It's made with beef sausage, smothered in a savory tomato sauce, topped with avocado, chopped tomatoes, and onions, and finally, a delicious dose of mayo.

If you're looking for a taste of South America, this is the recipe for you. Give it a try!

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