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simple sponge cake recipe - zia cake and cookies

simple sponge cake recipe 

simple sponge cake recipe
 If you want to make and sell beautiful cakes at home, this is a great job, and cakes are very easy to prepare. It can also be made without an oven.


Eggs 4 numbers

Sugar 100g

All Purpose flour


Separate the egg white and yolk

After beating the egg whites for a minute with an egg beater, add 80 grams of sugar and mix until it becomes a stiff cream.

Now 20 grams of egg yolk. Add sugar and mix until it becomes a thick mixture.

Gently mix the egg whites and yolks. When it comes together, mix the flour little by little.

Now put it in a 6-inch pan and cook it

How to cook

Take a pressure cooker or any lidded vessel where the cake pan can be easily placed. Keep it on a very low flame for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, place the empty plate upside down, place the cake on it to cook, and close the lid.


Eggs should be at room temperature in winter and slightly cooler in summer.

There should be no grease in the vessels in which eggs etc. are mixed

 Apply oil to the vessel "mold" in which the cake is to be baked.

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