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almond pancake recipe

How to make Almond Pancakes
almond pancake recipe

Ingredients for almond pancake recipe:-

Four cups of flour

One cup of milk

Castor sugar one cup

Yeast ½ teaspoon

Baking powder 1 teaspoon

Corn oil three tablespoons

Two eggs

Green cardamom powder one tablespoon

2 cups almonds (roasted and crushed)

Water as required


Knead the flour, dost set, eggs, baking powder, and yeast well with water and keep it until it is obtained. Grease a pan with half the amount of the prepared mixture completely as before and cook in a pan over low heat. When cooked on one side, flip. In the same way, prepare a pancake of the baby mixture. Now mix Chinese cardamom powder and almonds and fold them on the pancake and decorate in a serving dish garnish with almonds and serve.